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Top 20 Funeral Services Singapore Directors for a Final Sendoff

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In times of grief, the importance of a dignified and respectful sendoff cannot be understated. Arranging a funeral can be overwhelming, so choosing the right funeral service provider is an important step. Our list of the Top 20 Funeral Services in Singapore aims to simplify this decision. These companies are renowned for their professionalism and ability to cater to diverse needs and customs, ensuring that the final farewell is handled with care and respect. From traditional ceremonies to personalised memorials, these providers offer various services to honour the departed. Regardless of whether you are pre-planning or need immediate assistance, this guide will help you find a suitable funeral service in Singapore.

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Top 20 Funeral Services Singapore Directors

Selecting the Top 20 Funeral Services in Singapore was guided by several criteria: the range of services offered, customer reviews, years of experience, and the ability to cater to various cultural and religious needs. These companies have established themselves as leaders in the funeral industry through their commitment to compassion and professionalism. They understand the importance of sensitivity during such an important time and offer support tailored to the needs of grieving families. Without further ado, here are the Top 20 Funeral Services in Singapore.

1. Singapore Casket

singapore casket funeral services singapore

Singapore Casket has been a cornerstone in the Singapore funeral services sector since 1920, making it one of the industry's oldest and most respected establishments. Known for its meticulous attention to detail and comprehensive range of services, Singapore Casket caters to all major religious faiths; providing everything from funeral planning to final rites. Its experience and longstanding heritage resonate in its commitment to honouring life and offering solace to families during difficult times.

Phone: +65 6293 4388

2. Nguan Gratitude Services

nguan gratitude funeral service singapore

Nguan Gratitude Services, led by Mr. Lee Chun Nguan, is a distinguished family-run business in the funeral industry. With close to 40 years of experience, they have earned the trust of generations of families by honouring the memories of their loved ones with profound respect and meticulous attention. They offer various funeral service packages for major religious traditions and non-religious preferences, ensuring clear communication, correct procedural steps, and services tailored to family needs.

Phone: +65 9792 8826

3. Eternity Funeral Services

eternity funeral services singapore

Eternity Funeral Service eases the emotional burden of bereavement with its empathetic approach, supporting families before, during, and after funeral services. It provides comprehensive, one-stop funeral packages, managing all aspects in-house to streamline the process and cut costs by eliminating middlemen. Its services cover a wide range of religious and non-religious ceremonies, ensuring all needs are met meticulously and respectfully. Eternity Funeral Services emphasises giving families space and time to grieve while efficiently handling practical details.

Phone: +65 6681 5757 Email:

4. Ang Brothers Funeral Services

ang brothers funeral services singapore

For over 30 years, Ang Brothers Funeral Services, previously known as Ang Brothers Casket, has been recognised as one of Singapore's premier funeral service providers. This family-owned business is committed to being a one-stop shop for all funeral needs, ensuring every detail is taken care of with dignity and respect. With more than 50 years of combined experience, their team assists families of all social standings. The company is noted for providing dignified farewells to the underprivileged and arranging numerous free funeral services. Ang Brothers Funeral Services is also the preferred funeral service by most foreign embassies in Singapore, as the team is experienced in handling the specific rituals and ceremonies of various religions. They continue to uphold the belief that everyone deserves a dignified memorial, regardless of wealth.

Phone: +65 9871 8388

5. Casket Fairprice

casket fairprice funeral services singapore

Casket Fairprice has been providing funeral services in Singapore since 1993 and has earned a reputation for being trustworthy. They understand that each community has its own customs and needs and, therefore, offer a wide range of services tailored to these unique requirements. The funeral services provided by Casket Fairprice are designed to reflect the deceased's life. They are known for their transparent pricing and commitment to providing compassionate, high-quality service without imposing any financial burdens on grieving families.

Phone: +65 6455 9909Email:

6. Harmony Funeral Care

harmony funeral funeral services singapore

Harmony Funeral Care, a third-generation funeral service provider in Singapore, is committed to offering affordable funeral care with full transparency. They distinguish themselves in the industry by providing clients with a signed contract outlining a detailed breakdown of all services and associated expenses, ensuring no hidden charges exist. Trained thoroughly in their areas of expertise, the team at Harmony Funeral Care is equipped to provide a dignified farewell to your loved ones. As a one-stop funeral service solution provider, they offer a comprehensive range of services tailored to various cultural and religious needs.

Phone: +65 9489 2424

7. Fu Xiang Funeral Services

fu xiang funeral services singapore

Fu Xiang Funeral Services, which has been operating since 2018, is led by Mr. Chan Hwa Sheng and is recognised for its comprehensive approach to funeral services. The company emphasises compassionate and professional service, ensuring that all aspects of the funeral process are handled meticulously to ease the burden on grieving families. Fu Xiang Funeral Services is particularly noted for not outsourcing any part of their service, which allows them to offer more affordable rates by eliminating the middleman. This approach ensures both cost-effectiveness and a seamless service experience. Their offerings include a wide range of funeral-related services tailored to meet their clients' unique preferences and needs, demonstrating their commitment to personalisation and quality care during difficult times.

Phone: +65 9763 3952

8. Simplicity Casket

simplicity casket funeral services singapore

Established in 1981, Simplicity Casket is a prominent funeral service provider in Singapore, renowned for offering high-quality, affordable funeral packages suitable for all religions. As a one-stop service, they provide a wide range of options, including caskets, urns, transportation, embalming, makeup, and more, alongside specialised services like repatriation. Their mission focuses on easing the emotional burden on families by simplifying the funeral process, ensuring a respectful and seamless experience. They are especially noted for their repatriation expertise, facilitating the dignified return of loved ones from abroad.

Phone: +65 6456 7423 or +65 8399 4786

9. Hock Hin Undertaker

hock hin funeral services singapore

Hock Hin Undertaker, a respected family business operational since 1965, has been assisting Singaporeans with both traditional and contemporary funeral arrangements since their founding. As a one-stop funeral solution, Hock Hin offers tailored services that cover all aspects of the funeral process, ensuring that each ceremony respects the family's cultural and religious needs. Their experienced team guides families through the planning and execution of the services, providing support from the initial contact until the conclusion of the funeral. Hock Hin's dedication to compassionate and professional service helps to alleviate the stress families face during such challenging times.

Phone: +65 9822 1489 Email:

10. Singapore Funeral Group

singapore funeral group services

Singapore Funeral Group stands out in the funeral service industry in Singapore for its comprehensive and compassionate approach to funeral planning and management. With a deep understanding of diverse cultural traditions in Singapore, they offer a wide array of services that cater to various religious and secular preferences. Their services range from pre-planning consultations to post-funeral ceremonies. Singapore Funeral Group is recognised for its professionalism and dedication to providing a dignified farewell to loved ones.

Phone: +65 9637 1818

11. Nirvana Singapore

nirvana singapore funeral services

Nirvana Singapore provides a serene and respectful setting for funeral services and memorial events in Singapore. Specialising in Buddhist funeral rituals, they offer a quiet environment that reflects the philosophies of peace and eternal rest. Their facilities are designed to give families a comforting space to honour their loved ones. Their services include funeral planning, memorialisation, and post-funeral support. Nirvana Singapore emphasises a personalized approach, ensuring each service respects the individual's life and beliefs.

Phone: +65 9328 6601

12. Embrace Funeral Services

embrace funeral services singapore

Embrace Funeral Services, founded by fourth-generation undertaker Jeffrey Lee Yi Fu, brings over 20 years of familial expertise to the Singapore funeral services industry. Jeffrey, who learned the profound value of life from his grandfather and father at a young age, has guided the company to blend modern approaches with deep respect for cultural traditions. Embrace Funeral Services is dedicated to offering the finest funeral services in Singapore. They provide dependable and compassionate support to families during their times of need.

Phone: +65 9692 1100

13. Direct Funeral Services

direct funeral services singapore

Direct Funeral Services is renowned for its straightforward, transparent approach to providing funeral services in Singapore. Established to offer compassionate support without excessive costs, they ensure that every family receives personalized attention tailored to their needs and cultural practices. Their wide range of services includes everything from funeral planning to the execution of the ceremony, emphasising affordability and clarity throughout the process. Direct Funeral Services prides itself on its ability to provide dignified, respectful services that truly honour the deceased.

Phone: +65 6555 1115

14. Trinity Casket

trinity casket funeral services singapore

Founded in 1991, Trinity Casket has become a well-known provider of funeral services in Singapore. Their services cater to various religious and secular needs, ensuring each funeral is conducted with respect and dignity. Trinity Casket is dedicated to assisting families through difficult times with a supportive and professional approach while providing all necessary arrangements, from pre-planning to the final rites. Their attention to detail and deep respect for the traditions and values of the families they serve set them apart in the industry.

Phone: +65 64514496 / +65 64514497

15. The Life Celebrant

the life celebrant funeral services singapore

The Life Celebrant focuses on celebrating the lives of the departed with customised and heartfelt memorial services. They aim to transform traditional perceptions of funerals into a celebration of life, where each service is crafted to reflect the deceased's unique personality and life story. Their dedicated team is known for its creative approach and attention to detail, ensuring that every funeral honours the deceased and provides meaningful closure for the family. The Life Celebrant offers a variety of funeral packages that cater to different preferences and requirements.

Phone: +65 6684 8488

16. Serenity Casket

serenity casket funeral services singapore

Founded in 2009, Serenity Casket is a family-run business committed to providing compassionate and dignified funeral services in Singapore. They focus on helping families navigate the difficult process of saying goodbye to a loved one with a serene and thoughtful approach. Serenity Casket's team of professionals is dedicated to offering personalised services that respect the wishes of the deceased and their families. They aim to alleviate the stress involved in funeral planning by providing comprehensive support and guidance throughout all stages of the process.

Phone: +65 6289 6689

17. Singapore Funeral Sanctuary

singapore funeral services sanctuary

Singapore Funeral Sanctuary is dedicated to providing respectful and tailored funeral services in Singapore. Their approach is focused on offering support and guidance to families during their times of need, ensuring that every funeral is handled with utmost sensitivity and professionalism. Singapore Funeral Sanctuary prides itself on its ability to accommodate a wide range of funeral preferences and cultural traditions, making it a versatile choice for many grieving families. Their commitment to compassionate care and attention to detail ensures that each service is a dignified celebration of life.

Phone: +65 8900 0000

18. Empathy Funeral Service

empathy funeral services singapore

Empathy Funeral Service stands out in Singapore for providing affordable yet high-quality funeral services. They manage all aspects of funeral arrangements in-house, which allows them to offer competitively priced and streamlined packages without the added cost of middle-men. Experienced undertakers directly supervise their services, which include funeral pre-planning, coordination of the hearse, funeral cortege, and casket services. Empathy Funeral Service also facilitates a range of post-funeral rituals. This includes sourcing temples for Taoist and Buddhist rituals, organising Christian memorial services, and arranging sea burials after cremation. Their commitment extends beyond the funeral itself, as they support families through the various stages of grief, making them a comprehensive one-stop funeral service provider.

Phone: +65 6850 5023

19. Amazing Grace Bereavement Care

amazing grace funeral services singapore

Amazing Grace Bereavement Care provides compassionate and professional funeral services in Singapore, emphasising dignity and grace in their approach. They offer full bereavement support tailored to the cultural and personal preferences of the families they serve. Amazing Grace specialises in traditional and modern funeral rites, as well as international repatriation services. The team at Amazing Grace is dedicated to easing the burden on families during challenging times, helping them celebrate the lives of their loved ones with respect and honour.

Phone: 1800-777-2422

20. Seng Heng Celestial

seng heng funeral services singapore

Seng Heng Celestial, established in 2001 by the late Mr Lim Kock Seng, initially focused on providing supplies and support for funeral matters. Under the new leadership of Mr. Lim Soon Tee, the company has expanded its services to cover a broader range of funeral services. Their dedicated team is professionally trained and well-equipped to handle all aspects of funeral services, catering to various religions and ethnic groups. Committed to easing the burdens and stress of grieving families, they provide comprehensive support and assistance throughout the process.

Phone: +65 6388 7178


Frequently Asked Questions

1. What legal requirements are necessary for organising a funeral in Singapore?

The first legal requirement is obtaining a Certificate of Cause of Death (CCOD), which a doctor or a hospital can issue if the death is of natural causes. Following this, the death must be registered officially, which can be done online through the My Legacy portal. The registration provides an official death certificate necessary for funeral proceedings.

2. What are the typical costs of funeral services in Singapore?

The cost of funeral services in Singapore can vary depending on the type of service chosen. Basic direct cremation services may start from a few hundred dollars, while elaborate funeral arrangements can cost several thousand dollars. Factors influencing the price include the choice of coffin, funeral venue, duration of the wake, religious rituals, and additional services like floral arrangements and obituaries.

3. Can Singapore funeral services manage international funeral arrangements?

Yes, many funeral service providers in Singapore offer international repatriation services to transport the deceased to or from foreign countries. These services include handling the necessary paperwork, coordinating with international agencies, and ensuring that the transportation adheres to both local and international regulations. Several of the companies listed in our Top 20 list are able to provide this service.

4. What are the essential considerations when selecting a funeral service provider in Singapore?

Key considerations include the provider's experience, range of services, pricing transparency, and cultural competence. It is important to choose a provider that respects and can cater to the religious and cultural preferences of the deceased and their family. Reviews and testimonials from past clients can also provide valuable insights into the provider's reliability and quality of service.

5. What types of funeral packages are commonly available in Singapore?

Funeral packages in Singapore typically cover all necessary services for various religious and non-religious ceremonies. These packages often include a coffin, embalming, set up for the wake, funeral procession, and cremation or burial services. Specialised packages might also cater to specific cultural practices such as Taoist, Buddhist, Christian, Catholic, etc.

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